Manicures, Tears & Manipulation…

No matter how much you love someone! No Romantic Relationship is perfect. It’s normal to fight from time to time with your partner, and disagree on things. But there’s certain behaviors that go beyond arguments and veer into a more serious territory of emotional manipulation. In today’s Blog, “Manicures, Tears & Manipulation.“ We’re going to discuss how you can spot emotional manipulation and how to … Continue reading Manicures, Tears & Manipulation…

3 Turn Offs For A Strong Woman!

There is nothing like finding a strong woman. She’s reliable. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s honest. And most of all she’s strong. That’s why you want to keep her right? Right. Well fellas, today’s blog, “3 Ways To Turn Off A Strong Woman” is ALL ABOUT YOU. I want you to make the right decisions when dating this kind of woman so that when you … Continue reading 3 Turn Offs For A Strong Woman!

3 Reasons You Want Him To Find You!Β 

Hey ladies! Guess what I’m doing??!? (High pitched girly voice) The final edits for my book!! Ahhhhh!! So excited!!! πŸ™†πŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ“š Since I have to finish editing. This will be a quick blog! I stepped away for a break & yet, (I’m still writing) πŸ™ƒ so typical of me! #AlwaysWorking Let’s dive right in shall we?? Here’s β€œ3 Reasons You want Him To Find You!” and … Continue reading 3 Reasons You Want Him To Find You!Β 

Discerning Between A Friend & A Foe.Β 

Finding friends in today’s society can seem very hard. Trust me! I’ve been praying to God for almost 4 years now to send me a best friend! I imagine this friend to be a woman I could talk to about anything, pray with, fast with, go shopping with, tell my deepest thoughts to & someone I could trust.  The only problem is, when you’ve been … Continue reading Discerning Between A Friend & A Foe.Β 

“Is Your Man A Prince Or A King?”Β 

Hey ladies! I know I haven’t written to you girls in a while! I’ve been finishing this newbook that is going to change your life! Ahhh!!! I’m so excited to spill the details! However…sinceΒ the bible says, be hasty for nothing! I won’t say a word! No matter how much I want to!! Simply know, it’s going to be the bombπŸ’₯!! As it get’s closer to … Continue reading “Is Your Man A Prince Or A King?”Β