4 Signs He’s a Keeper

Hey Ladies!! I miss talking to you girls so much! There are SO many things I want to tell you thats happened in my personal life since my last blog! However, I’ll wait to spill all those juicy details when The Lord gives me permission ☺️. Okay.. As we all know, cuffing season has officially begun! With that being said,.. Starting a new relationship around this … Continue reading 4 Signs He’s a Keeper

“Back off! The Lord said, He’s My Husband!”

Did the Lord tell you who your husband was? If so, how did he do it? Did he tell you in a dream? A vision? Did you hear an audible voice? Or was it all your Flesh??? Now I know this can be a touchy subject; nevertheless, this is an issue that must be discussed! In today’s blog: “Back Off! The LORD said, He’s my … Continue reading “Back off! The Lord said, He’s My Husband!”