Hey ladies and guys!!

Omg… y’all it’s been so long since I’ve wrote on here! It feels like forever! I miss y’all so much!! 😭

I am gonna have to update you all with all the good things that’s been happening in my life very soon!

I owe that to y’all! πŸ€—

However, I did want to introduce you all to my (new blog)!


Honey, honey, honey!

This blog is Juicy!!

It’s filled with drama!

It’s honest!

And The best part?

It’s REAL!

I just posted my first entry today!

A few weeks ago, I decided to start this blog to journal how I felt about being a single Christian woman in today’s time. And as I started posting about it, my friends immediately wanted in on this!

They too felt their voices & stories should be told!

Thus, the blog was born!

It’s about me and 3 friends.

Who all have one thing in common.

We’re women.

We’re Black.

We’re Single.

& Christian.

We are laying it all out there too, & showing the “REAL” side of what it’s like being a single christian woman in today’s time!

We journal πŸ““ out the frustrations of this Christian life, the obstacles we face and so much more!

Head on over there to read the first entry!

Trust, you’re going to want to subscribe to this after you read it!

We are holding nothing back!

Here’s the link!!

Hope to see you there!

Happy reading my loves!!


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