4 Signs He’s a Keeper

Hey Ladies!!

I miss talking to you girls so much!

There are SO many things I want to tell you thats happened in my personal life since my last blog!

However, I’ll wait to spill all those juicy details when The Lord gives me permission ☺️.


As we all know, cuffing season has officially begun!


With that being said,..

Starting a new relationship around this time of year can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for in a good man.

With the Holidays right around the corner and men dishing out their best “smooth criminal lines.” It can be difficult to discern if a man is really interested in you or if he just wants to stay warm for the winter.

Today, I will be giving tips on how you yourself can spot a man who’s worthy of your time and worth keeping around.

(Even after the Holidays have passed).


1. He Does What He Says

The number one sign you’re dating a great man is that he often does what he says.

The reason I said often is because we do know things happen and plans can change due to situations that are beyond our control.

However, a man who breaks his promises and cancels on you consistently is a man who doesn’t value you.

When a man loves you, or is interested in you sis, HE WILL SHOW YOU! A lot of guys talk a good game, but the man who backs up his words with actions; is definitely a keeper.

⭐️NOTE: A man’s love for you lies in his actions not 🚫 his words.

2. He Compromises

What really sets a man apart from all the rest, is his ability to compromise.


If a man is willing to admit his mistakes, and find a solution to how he can make things right or better for the two of you.

Hold on to him sis!


Men disappoint women, and women disappoint men. We’re all human and we all make mistakes. A person’s character isn’t revealed when they make a mistake. It’s what one does AFTER making the mistake that matters most.

If a man does something that you didn’t like and he puts his pride aside to make things right with you, that speaks V-O-L-U-M-E-S to his character and let’s you know he won’t be the type of husband that runs every time a problem surfaces.

But, if a man shuts down & runs away every time you confront him about something he’s doing that hurts you.

Think about where you want this relationship to go sis?

Do you really want to be married to a man who:

  • always thinks he’s right,
  • never compromises
  • & never even takes the time to hear you out?

If he’s running away from you now & avoiding his wrongs in the courting stage, just imagine how he will act if the two of you get married!

⭐️NOTE: Also, make sure your relationship is a safe haven for him to express himself!

Another reason men don’t like admitting when they’re wrong is because women have a tendency to rub their noses👃🏾 in it!

When a man is wrong and he apologizes, accept his apology and MOVE ON! Do not sit there talking about what he did for days on end! Doing that makes it so much harder for him to come and talk to you the next time.

3. He Points You to Christ

A trait that is beautiful yet so rare these days, is a man who knows how to give a woman back to The Lord!


There is this song called: “Lord I Lift Her Up” by T.D. Jakes and I absolutely love it!

In this song, the man is telling his woman:

Baby I love you. I will hold you in my arms, I will kiss you and let you cry on my chest when you need to, but I am not GOD. In this song, the man is praying to the Lord about the woman he loves, and he’s lifting her up to the Lord in prayer so she can find true peace. Peace he realizes only The Lord can provide for her.

A man from The Lord, will want you to be as close to The Father as he is. He will not come into your life to distract you, nor will he try to take your mind off the things of God.

If you’re dating a man who loves The Lord and leads you to Christ when times get rough, he is a man that is nothing short of Amazing.


Okay ladies, here we are at our last point!

And if your man does this?

Let me know right now, so I can get hooked up with his brother!

lol j/k.😜

Any who…

A good sign to know if a man is really worth keeping is if,

4. He Does Chivalrous Things for You

Chivalry: courteous behavior, politeness, especially that of a man towards women.

Buying you flowers for no reason, Opening up doors for you, and calling you to make sure you made it home safely after a date,

is not old fashioned,

it’s beautiful.

There was this story on Instagram I saw the other day and I literally cried when I saw it. This young man was interested in this woman and although I don’t know the full story,  

I don’t have too! 

Simply the way he asked her out was enough for me to know he truly cares for her! Oneday, he walked her to her car, and after she’d gotten settled in he popped this big “Can I Court You?” sign out.


I read his post, and found out the brotha spent 4 whole hours making the sign alone.

His reasons were, “I just wanted it to be perfect for her.”

A few months after she said yes to being his girlfriend, she has now said yes to being his wife!



⭐️NOTE: Men always put forth effort for a woman they really like!

We as women settle for so many things when it comes to dating, but one thing we should never settle on is how we allow a man to treat us.

If he’s not being chivalrous towards you. (Or not even attempting), more than likely, he probably doesn’t think you’re worth the effort.

Think about it sis…

Do you think, a man who’s been waiting a long time to date a particular woman will just treat her any kind of way when she gives him the opportunity?

Uhm.. No!

I guarantee! That man will be pulling all kinds of tricks out of his hat to make sure the woman he adores is impressed.

Please don’t settle for the okey dokey!

If a brotha is not answering when you call, treating you like an OPTION, and doesn’t mind letting doors slam in your face. Chances are, you’re not the one he wants to be with.

However, if it’s been years and he’s still treating you with tenderness & love, KEEP HIM sis!

Chivalry in a man is rare!

Alright Ladies!

I’m out of here! I gotta head out to my girls Bridal Shower!

I hope you all enjoyed the blog!!

Until Next time!

Takyah Love 😘

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