Dear, Blind Married Couple…

Hey there ladies and gents!

This is your girl Takyah! Coming at you with a fresh order of deep thinking🤔.

Tonights deep thoughts will be served with a side order of anger 😡, topped off with hunger 😫 and sprinkled with just the right amount of crazy meds💊🤪.

I don’t know if it’s the medicine or what…

But I have been thinking very deeply and listening to Bobby Womack since this morning.

For those of you who don’t know, I had surgery earlier this morning and my mouth has been bleeding ever since! Not to mention I had to get stitches, because one of my gums ripped during the extraction. So, yes, I am in alot of pain.

Unless, of course, I take the medicine my doctor prescribed.

But, I haven’t been able to take the pain medicine properly because I haven’t eaten since 5 a.m. this morning.

And that!

ladies and gentlemen, is what inspired me to write this blog..

I’m lying in bed, sore & in pain, bleeding everywhere and no one is free to pick up soup for me to eat. My mom just left the house to go somewhere but I don’t think it was for soup…😢

Any way…

In my new blog, “Dear, Blind Married Couple” I’d like to discuss people who are blindly married and don’t realize how blessed they truly are.

To the ungrateful married woman & self-absorbed husband, I am coming for both of you, in this rendition of “Late Night Thoughts With Takyah” blog style.

⭐️NOTE TO READER: This is coming from a single woman who is on medication, hungry and in a lot of pain.⭐️

Now, I’m not using that as an excuse to get out of character, but you know what they say…. 👀

You’re not you when you’re hungry…

With that being said, this blog will not be nice.

Alright… ladies and gents,

Let’s get started!

First off, I’d like to start tonight’s blog off by saying two simple words…


You ole’ nagging wife!

Your husband pays the bills,


Keeps a roof over your family’s head

Goes to work everyday,

Rubs your feet when their hurting,


Pulls up the car for you when it’s storming outside ☔️ (so you don’t get wet in the rain)


And been faithful to you and only you.

He’s nothing short of a God-sent superhero husband!

He opens up doors for you so much that if you stood at a door 🚪 (without him opening it), you probably wouldn’t even know how to turn the freakin’ handle.

He pays for you to get your hair done, your nails done, as well as all those random shopping sprees you and your girls like to have.

Not to mention how he caters to you and makes you feel in the love department…


He’s also a man who cares for you, and gives you the best wisdom in all your “I’m about to go Loca!” moments.

You know what else he does?

He sits, and listens to your random rants, whether he wants to hear them or not.

And even after you’ve hurt his pride by comparing him to Tina’s husband, He’s still brainstorming ideas and trying to come up with the next thing he can do to make you happy.

When you needed help opening up all those stupid airtight pickle jars, he was right there! All big and strong like Tarzan! Ready to do anything you asked. You used to praise him for his efforts and call him your Hero.

But now?


He’s just not that important to you anymore huh?

That’s because you take him for granted, you selfish, nagging wife..

It’s almost as if you forgot who he truly is..


Your KING.


Oh, and let’s not forget you,

You arrogant husband!

And how unappreciative you are towards the woman who cooks for you


Cleans the house for you,

Has your clothes washed, folded and Starched clean so you can look sharp everyday.


Let’s not forget how she has to get a job every now & then to help out with the bills because, although you make a lot of money, you’re not so frugal when it comes to it..

Oops did I say that?

Hmm… I guess I did!

The wife you are so unappreciative of, has to work, get home from that job, get the children ready, feed you, feed them, clothe them, clothe you and send you all off to work and school happily every morning.

 After all of that chaos, she then tries to get some “Me-Time” but realizes “Oh no, I can’t today because my husband wants me to go run a couple errands for him! Or, “I promised the kids I would have lunch with them today!”

Me time will just have to wait for another day she says.

Yet “Me time” never comes. But I guess as long as dinner is on the table by the time your favorite football team comes on, you could care less about her getting the time she needs to rejuvenate her soul, mind and body.


You never take the time out to spend with your wife or listen to her, you reject her continuously in the areas of “quality time”, yet you want her to be ready to make love to you whenever you feel like it.

Pssh….. give me a break.

Your wife changed her hair color, lost 20 pounds and even tried this new lipstick color just so you could call her beautiful like you used to when the two of you first started dating,

And what did you do?


You walked right past her and didn’t even open your mouth.


Some nerve you got?

Comparing her to all those superficial women, while you yourself have a belly that sticks out worse than a busted lip.

She, your beautiful wife, stood by you when you were sick, broke & helped you become the very man that you are today and you have the audacity to think you could have married someone better…

I’d love to see how fast one of those pretty little models you like so much, leave you as soon as you get sick, or can’t walk.

Let’s see how long one of them will stay?


That’s right! Two seconds and she’s gone Charles!!!

What’s my point in all of this?

My point is, if you are married, wishing you could be single,…

Shut up and make it work with your spouse because honestly,

As selfish, arrogant, and undeserving as you sound,

You wouldn’t last one day as a “Real Single

Although you think it’s so much easier, I beg to differ. True singleness is not selfishness. In fact, true singleness has the same purpose that marriage does, and that is to be holy like Jesus Christ and serve the Father.

I’m not talking about “single people” who have 10 different partners and sleep around every weekend, neither am I referring to the ones that have 8 Bae’s they call “Boo”.

Oh no sweetie…

I’m talking about a real single….

A single godly woman who actually lives what she preaches,

Who by the way, is lying in the bed right now with gauzes in her mouth, angrily hungry because there is no one to get soup for her!


No bae to call, no boo to text.

But a real “Waiting on God’s best for me” single woman.

Not a fake woman of God, who keeps abusing the grace message, so she can keep throwing it back for every man of God that steps to her.

Oh, no…I’m speaking of a real single who has kept herself to herself and is BEYOND sexually frustrated!

Who’s also, extremely upset because while she was running in the rain, her stupid umbrella broke and flipped upside down! Causing her whole head to get drenched!

And guess what’s coming next if she doesn’t hurry up and get out of these wet clothes?

A nasty cold…

And guess who’ll help nurse this single woman back to health if that happens?



Yes, I’m talking about a real single..

A woman who pumps her own gas ⛽️, shovels her own snow during the winter time; who almost messed up her car, cause she put the windshield fluid in the wrong hole/pipe or whatever you call those stupid things under the hood!

If you’re ungrateful.

and married to the person you once swore was the love of your life.

My word for you tonight is,

S-H-U-T  U-P!

Yes, being single has its freedom and perks, but lets not forget all the downs it has as well. “Focus on God” all the married women advise, while they go home to a warm bed with big arms to hold them at night and a big chest to sleep on.

You’re not loving yourself enough!”

You need to find out who you are first then you can love a man properly!”

“Enjoy you some you time before you get married.”

Just shut- up! I’ve done all those things already!

If I love myself any more, I’ll be standing here looking like this “coo-coo” bird who married herself a few years ago.

married herself

How much prayer did you pray to become an ungrateful wife?

How much anointing do I have to have to be a wife like you?

Oh do tell, you nag of a married woman, who complains every 5 seconds about her husband.

I would love to see you last a month without being able to touch a man. Try 5 years going on 6 next May..

Cry yourself to sleep for months on end,

Wake up in the middle of the night wanting to do what your body naturally wants to do and refuse it!

Go years sitting at a restaurant table by yourself eating alone.

Then come back and give me advice…

I swear I wish I could do this to all of you ungrateful married folk!

Married women, shut up.

Married men, shut up.

Listen to Bobby Womack, and while you’re listening to him, I want you to look at your spouse and realize one thing for me tonight..

Just how blessed you are


The Real Singles,

Who are frustrated, angry, pissed off to the highest level of “PISSTIVITY”, hungry, and VERY MUCH anointed women and men of God!


***Update: 9:00 P.M.***

Ahhhh my mommy did get me Potato soup! Two bowls of it! One for tonight and one for tomorrow! I love her so much! Thanks ma! 🙂


    • Thank you for reading!! ❤️ and yes ma’am! That is exactly what I was trying to do with this blog!! The grass is not always greener on the other side, and some people don’t realize that until, unfortunately it’s too late.


  1. If you were going for making married people see the beauty in their marriage and how it’s a cold world for the singles you definitely succeeded…
    I am married and have been married for 5 years now & honestly this is exactly what I needed today.. I definitely had a reality check reading this..Being a wife is tough as you can get lost in the pressures of trying to do it all.. but I will definitely be sure to tell my husband thank you for all he does… the truth hurts but I’m glad my friend sent me this blog. I’ve never read or heard this from a single persons point of view broken down like this. I will definitely check out your other material. #ouch

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww thank you so much Samantha!! It truly is an honor that you could take something from the blog! & lol I wasn’t so much trying to say being single is just the worst because we do have good days but I just wanted to let Married women and men know that it is not all good days.. I was irritated because I always hear so many married women complaining and I am praying for some of the things they’re complaining about so I just had to vent lol. But thank you and please check out the other blogs!! They are a much nicer read than this one! 😂❤️


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