4 Things A Woman Should Always Do While Dating!

Hey Ladies! So over the past few weeks I have been doing some thinking 💭

and you know what that means!

B-L-O-G   T-I-M-E-!

(in my high pitched voice)

During this time I have gathered some pretty cool information to share with you ladies about dating. Since I myself, am in a transitioning season regarding singleness. I thought, what better time to share with you what I’ve learned so far about dating, than now?

In today’s blog, “4 Things A Woman Should Always Do While Dating.” I’m going to give you a few tips that will help your dating game.

I hope you’re ready, because this is going to be good!

1. Always Mirror Him

Woman Holding Blank Frame

Whenever you’re talking to a man, especially one you like and deem worthy of your time. You must always remember to follow his leading. If a man is messaging you, responding to you very quickly, and seems to be interested in you, then you simply mirror his actions and boomerang that same energy right back to him.

But, if a man is being short with you, ending the conversation before it even starts and seems to not care? Don’t go after him and try to get him to see your worth! Sis, that is a big no, no! You simply mirror him and follow suit, by treating him exactly how he treats you.

If your conversations are starting to look like this: img_8697

Then it’s time for you to pull it ALLLLLL the way back!

⭐️NOTE: You never want to put more into the relationship than the man is.

Not only will you look needy/desperate, but you’ll never get the chance to see what he’d rather do. If you’re always pursuing him, how will you ever know his true feelings?

Besides sis, your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it on a man who could care less if you’re there or not.

2. Always Keep Boundaries

The reason why I keep coming back to this rule is because it’s the one rule most women won’t uphold. If the right man comes along and talks the right words, they’ll ball this rule up, and toss it right in the trash🗑!

Although, most women do it because they think it will make a man like them even more, it actually doesn’t. What really happens, is you begin to lose value, and the man will label you just like he did every other woman before you.


Let me tell you a story:

There was this friend of mine who had been celibate for 9 years before she got married! Yes, N-I-N-E  L-O-N-G  Y-E-A-R-S! 😳 (Although I’ve done 5, I will not be doing 9! The devil is a lie! That will not be my testimony!) 😂

Any way, (back to the story)

In the 7th year, The Lord sent her, her husband. Now this man was amazing! But even this amazing man had days when he wanted to test drive her car.

car man

But, sister girl wasn’t going for it!

Strangely on their wedding night you will never believe what he said to my friend. He told her, “Baby, I love you, and I know you’re a good woman, but if you would’ve slept with me before we got married, I would’ve never married you.

After hearing this she was amazed, and so was I! I said to myself, What kind of stuff is this?🤦🏽‍♀️

Yes ladies, we all know that men can be some very special creatures; but the point is, men don’t think like us, and they never will.

A man can do something with us and say, “This is the first time I’ve ever done this or felt this way about a woman.” (etc) And we’ll believe them! In fact, that will probably make us fall in love even more.

But if a woman tries that same thing on a man, (and she might actually be telling the truth) it won’t matter. They’re going to think you did the same thing with Sam, Ham, and Gerald before them. So, you pretty much lose altogether when you compromise.

That’s why I’m telling you ladies that the best thing to do is not compromise! That way, when he does get to unwrap your gift 🎁 (on your wedding night) he’ll feel very special & know that you truly did wait

Just for Him…

man present

3. Always Stay Positive

A real man is not going to hang around a woman who is constantly being negative. If you’re talking down to a man, telling him what he can’t do, or anything like that. Trust me sis, it won’t be long before he starts ignoring you.

⭐️NOTE: Men already have enough to worry about and don’t need you adding drama to the mix.

Honestly ladies, I know we as women always talk about how hard it is being a woman, (and it is hard) but it is extremely hard to be a man in today’s society. With that being said, if you are not a safe haven for your man when the pressure & responsibilities of this world gets too much for him? Then where will he go?

After Jesus, you should be the main one he is running to! Not a mother, not a sister, not another girl best friend, but you. He should feel safe with you, and know you’re the one person that’ll have his back, if everyone else turns on him.

However, if you’re yelling, acting crazy, going back and forward with a man, competing with him or making him feel anything less than what he is, he will not feel safe with you.

⭐️NOTE: Think of yourself as your mans peace place. If he had a peace place what would that look like?


Also ladies, here’s another tip! If you’re always on the edge about something your man is doing,

Such as:

  • Why didn’t you text me back last night?
  • Why don’t you call me?
  • When am I going to meet your parents?
  • Why are you hanging out with your friends and not me?
  • Why did you do this?
  • Why did you do that?
  • That’s a stupid decision. (etc.)

A real man will run far, far away and not look back!

 So once again sis,

If you find yourself doing A-N-Y of these things, chill and pull it back….


4. Always Take Your Time

Although, this is one rule I have mastered. Most women have a problem here. When you start talking to a man you like, it’s natural for most women to want to rush the relationship.

But let’s face it ladies, a man is not going to put all his eggs (meaning his heart) into one basket, until he knows he can trust you not to break those eggs. With that being said, DO NOT RUSH HIM!

Talking about marriage, children, or being his only woman too fast 💨 doesn’t help a man to see you’re worth. What it does do, however, is make you look like you’re in a rush to put him in a position to fill some type of void you may have.

⭐️NOTE: A man is not coming to fill empty voids in your heart. He is coming to bring out the best in you, cultivate you and love you.

Only Jesus Christ, can fill all those empty voids! Trying to hurry and place a man on the throne of your heart, who you barely know, is reckless. Take your time and really get to know this man.

Then, when he says he’s ready to take the relationship to the next level, (if you’re interested) go for it! I just don’t want you to have this mindset of how things are supposed to happen. Thinking like that will make you miss out on the blessing God is trying to give you.

✨The last thing you want is to be the perfect woman with the perfect man, at the wrong timing.✨

That’s why you must talk to God and understand what season He has you in, and be okay with it! Whatever God want’s for you will be for you. Regardless of what tries to come up.

So, what’s the rush?

Okay, ladies that’s all I have for you today!

I pray this helped you!

Also, If you haven’t read my other blogs about dating, then you should! I believe they will help you tremendously if you’re in the dating world!

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Well until next time!

Love you ladies!!!

Logging off!

💋Takyah Love💋


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