My Funny Valentine… 

Another Valentines Day and you’re still single…

Last year around this time you were sure that this year (around this time), you’d have a man. But things didn’t pan out the way you planned them. Now everyone is all boo-ed up except for you…so what do you do?

In my new blog “My Funny Valentine.” I’ll give you a few tips and share with you some of my “To do’s & Not to do’s” on Valentines, and how you can survive the hardest day of the year if you’re Single…

Alright Ladies lets get started!

💔1. Don’t Call Your Ex💔

Whatever you do sis don’t call your ex!

He is your EX for a reason.

Around the Holidays people tend to take a blast 🚀 back to the past. But this is not “Phil Future.” Going back to the past will not be a fun adventure. It will only lead to more heartbreak and disappointment. Nothing is worth your peace or your sanity. Please leave the past where it is. Your present situation is not that bad! It’s only one day sis.

❤️2. Do Go out with the Girls!❤️

Instead of calling your ex, call your friends over, have a girls night out or in! Pop some popcorn🍿, get a gooooddd chick flick🎥! Cry if you have to and talk it out with your other single girl friends! But don’t go back digging up ole jigga-boo just because you want a boo. Please think before opening yourself back up to something that already proved not to work the first time.

💔3. Don’t Be A Debbie Downer💔

This is one I have to constantly work on. I am genuinely a very happy & bubbly person. But the whole (not having any girl-friends) thing can be depressing. And it sure doesn’t add to my joy for me to look up and realize I haven’t been out on a date in 4 years.

Because of the way things are right now, I have to purposely do things not to become melancholy.

❤️4. Do Create A Fun Day!❤️

This valentines, instead of wallowing in sadness, hating on people who are married and rolling your eyes 🙄 at the next girls blessing, create a fun day! Make a list of all the fun things you want to do and stick to the plan.

Your list might look something like this:

Valentines Date for 1

  • Wake up & pray! (spend time with The Lord)
  • Get out a cute valentines outfit, (something you would wear on a date)
  • Get your nails done
  • Go see a movie 🎥🍿 (Too bad Black Panther is not out yet)
  • Go out to eat
  • Go grab some ice-cream 🍨

But whatever you do, don’t allow depression to sink in over one Holiday! Get up! Get active and enjoy yourself honey!

💔5. Don’t make any rash decisions!💔

Every single girl on the planet wants to have a man to cater to them, rub their feet, buy a teddy bear 🐻 or show them they care for them in some small gesture.

But at what cost?

Don’t make rash decisions today just because you want to take cute pictures and have someone on your arm for Valentines. Settling is never in the will of God, for your life. If it’s not in Gods plan, it’s a dead end before it even starts.

❤️6. Do be still, and thank God for where you are right now.❤️

Instead of going through your inbox and going out with some random. Be still. Love on Jesus today and enjoy all the free time you have right now, (before your man comes)! Don’t wait until he gets here to start enjoying life, you would have wasted many single years!

Valentines seems to be a rough Holiday for us Singles, but once again, I know how you feel. Were all in the same boat!

The boat 🚣‍♀️ of patience, the boat of God’s perfect timing, and the boat of God’s manifestation (after obedience).

Don’t get out the boat sis! Stay in! When it’s time for you to test the “relationship waters.” Trust. God will call you out to walk on them. But for now. Be still, and ignore all those social media “relationship goal” pics today!

It’s going to be okay….

As a valentines gift for you, I’m posting a new song I wrote for a friend of mine who lost her husband. I feel led to share it with you all. As you listen to the lyrics I want you to think of Jesus and how he ALONE completes you.

Not a Valentine…


Takyah Love ❤️

Click Here 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 to Hear the Song!

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