24 Things You Don’t know about Takyah ❤️

Hey y’all! Guess what today is??

It’s my birthday!!!!! 🎉🍰🎊

Yes! Today I turned 24! I didn’t exactly spend it the way I wanted to, seeing how I’m coughing and in the bed because of a cold! 🤒

Still, it has been a good day so I can’t complain!

To end my birthday 🎂! I thought I would let you ladies and gents know a little bit more about me! –The Girl Behind The Blog! So in light of my 24th birthday here’s 24 facts about me!

1. I have a huge sense of humor

2. I have six toes on my left foot… (lol) just kidding. See! that’s the humor I was talking about earlier…😅 okay seriously here’s the #2 answer: When I was 7 years old, my mom bought me a big bag of lollipops 🍭 for myself, I think it was because I made principals list or something, any who, I took the bag of suckers to school the next morning and on the playground I pulled them out (knowing all the kids would want one) when they asked for a lollipop I told them they could have one, but they had to first confess “The Lord Jesus as their personal Lord and savior🍭” I think 20 kids got saved that day! 😂 lol the teachers were so moved by what I did, that they called my mom! (It was a public school.)

3. My best friend lives in Africa 🇬🇭 Stephen Abiemo I met him when I went to sing for my big bro’s conference in Ghana. Albert Addai-Sarfo.

4. I wrote my First book 📚 at the age of 23- “Purity over Passion💋

5. I am a perfectionist. (I make sure that whatever I do is done extremely well. Whether it be, a book, video, blog, song or just me cooking food. I make sure it’s excellent)

6. I am extremely romantic 😏

7. I am highly discerning (it’s really hard for anything to get pass me, especially if you’re trying to date me or become a friend to me. If I don’t know anything about you, usually God tells me, so yep! your bubble is busted) 😂

8. I love supporting people. (I think that’s why I get hurt when people don’t do the same for me, because I am always supportive!) *even If I don’t really know you.

9. I have 7 siblings not 2… 👫👫👫👫

10. I carry a bottle of “Accent Seasonings” in my purse 👜. (Just in case the food is not good😬) *every time I go out to eat or visit someone’s house and the food is not good, everyone will say, “Takyah pass me your accent.” Because I don’t go anywhere without it!😂

11. I love acting, and arts. (I was even nominated as “best supporting actress in a play back when I was in high school at the Orpheum theatre.)

12. I’m a heavy dreamer. (I’ve only had a few dreams not come to pass in my entire lifetime.) *been dreaming since I was 12.

13. I was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 11 while playing my piano.

14. I love arts and crafts! (I love making things with my hands! So if I’ve ever dated a man and I made him something, that means he’s really special.) although I love making things and hand made gifts, *I don’t create and make things for everyone!

15. I am extremely loyal.(Sometimes too loyal…I have been loyal in the past to my own detriment. But thanks be to God. I allow him to choose men, friendships and relationships that he wants me to be in, so I don’t get hurt as much any more!) 🙂

16. I have never cheated before. (And never will)


18. My favorite TV 📺 Shows are: “Talking Tom and Friends” “Criminal Minds” “Veggie Tales” “The Good Doctor” & “some of the decorating shows on HGTV

19. Despite me just mentioning my favorite tv shows, I BARELY WATCH TV. 😂 (but when I do, it’s one of those tv shows)

20. My favorite sport without a doubt is: 🏈 FOOTBALL!! (when I was a young girl all the way up until I was a teenager, I used to play football with the guys, thennn…. one day when I was 14 years old,,.. I had on some cute pants and as I was about to literally tackle a guy, my pants👖Split right open,..and it wasn’t your average split.. my whole rear end was hanging out…I walked backwards with my hands covering my butt the entire way home🤣🤣🤣 it was a day I’ll never forget.

21. I love cooking.. (yes I am a little cocky when it comes to it, but once you taste my food, You’ll see why I am the way I am!👩🏽‍🍳)

22. I love Jogging!🏃🏽‍♀️

23. I am a very practical person. (I think that contributes to me being what men say is “hard to get.” I usually watch men’s actions vs. their words. I don’t allow myself to fall head over heels 👠 because I’m like, “Hmm.. he said he would do this but he didn’t do it.” Hmm..🤔 he’s probably not the one.” Then I sort of, kind of, cut him off…👀😂 lol, sorry.. not trying to be hard to get, I just don’t believe in Settling or a man not standing by his word…🤷🏽‍♀️ *thats one of my pet peeves

24. And last but not least…

Although my name is: Takyah Love, I talk about love, and I am extremely good at relationships and giving women advice…

believe it or not…

I have never been in Love… (I think me being practical and cautious, has played a big part in that.!) lol but God is Faithful! I’m sure one day I’ll know what “being in Love feels like.” But for now…I’m focusing on the Lord!!

Okay guys!! So, you just read “24 things I bet you don’t know about Takyah.” Love you all!! 😘


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