My Anniversary!! 1 Thing I’ve Learned In My 1st Year of blogging!

Hey ladies!! 

This blog is going to be very short! Today is actually the anniversary from when I published my first blog entitled, “Three Ways to Know if A Man is Heaven sent or Hell sent!” 

Wow…when I think about how fast the years are going by it makes me want to cry a little. 
But I will not do it!! 😭 lol.

Anyway, since today is my blog anniversary, I wanted to share with you, “1 Thing I’ve learned In My 1st Year of Blogging.” And what I’ve learned is, 

                             JUST DO IT! 

This phrase is not just for NIKE but it’s for us. In our daily walk with God we should Just do it! We should move when he asks us to move, do what he wants us to do & be who he’s called us to be!

Many times people doubt themselves, second guess their capabilities and think low of who they really are! I know I did! Before I started this blog, I really didn’t have the confidence that I have now. I doubted what God was asking me to do and made excuses. I didn’t think I really had anything to talk about, or that people would be interested in my life. 

That’s just what the devil wanted me to think! He wanted me to believe those lies so I wouldn’t step out and do what God wanted me to do! 

Once I stepped out on faith and started the blog. My very first blog got over 10 shares, people commenting left to right & I could not believe how much it blessed people’s lives. 

After I saw how much I inspired women, I was empowered to obey God more! I was so happy that I’d listened to him! Sis, I’m here to tell you, that living in doubt is not the way God wants us to live.

Being “meek in spirit” and having a low spirit are not the same thing! God doesn’t want us to beat ourselves up saying things like: 

  • I can’t do it. 
  • I’m not qualified enough. 
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • I don’t have what it takes. 
  • I’ll never make a difference.

No way sis! 

That is what I call “stinky speaking.” 

Instead, God wants us to be assure of who He’s called us to be. Walk in His purpose and bring forth His will on the earth! 

He has great plans for us! But if we never tap into the word or spend time with him, we will never know them! I want to encourage you today to get in the presensce of God! Pray and find out what he wants you to do! Once you find out what that is, apply the JUST DO IT principle!

Be successful & be happy sis! 😄 You deserve it! Do not settle for an unfulfilled mediocre life! Be everything God has called you to be! Do not go to the grave with all those dreams and aspirations on the inside of you! Do not be an unprofitable servant! 

Even if you have to go scared, still go! 

Do not miss the will of God for your life! Be obedient to the tugging of the “Holy Spirit“; use every talent the Lord gave you NOW! The world is waiting on you to show your stuff! Get up sis! walk in power! Walk in victory and simply,

                                BE GREAT! 

As always, I love you! 

I’ll talk to you ladies soon, 

🌸Takyah Love🌸


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