5 Tips on Courting a Godly Woman…

One thing I always see coming from men of God: are “posts” about “How to Date a Man of God; or christian men giving tips on what kind of traits “they desire in a wife. Hardly ever do I see videos or posts coming from the opposite point of view.

I then thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if men knew a thing or 2 about dating a Woman of God?

In my new blog, “5 Tips on Courting a Godly Woman.I will be giving the guys a few pointers, as well as sharing insight.

So, ladies feel free to relax!

Because this blog is not for you.

It’s only for the men!

I hope you’re ready fellas, because…

  Here we go!      

  • NUMBER 1. Save the Introduction…

One thing that annoys many godly women, is when men try to sound important.

⭐️Note: Real women of God will care more about your heart than they do your title.

Saying your name is: “Apostle Prophet Bishop Maxwell the 5th” is not impressive. What’s impressive is finding out that you volunteer every Friday to feed the homeless. Those are the kinds of things that spark a godly woman’s interest. Not someone with a million fancy titles.

⭐️Save the intro, and let your character speak for you.

  • NUMBER 2Be a Man of Your Word. 

Whew!!! One thing, that will quickly get a man cut out of my life; is a man who does not do what he says. The bible says in: Psalm 138:2 that “God’s promises are backed by his honorable name.” Meaning that if he says it, He’ll do it! You can count on him 100%.

If our awesome Father has this trait, then shouldn’t any man, that’s pursuing God’s daughter strive also for this character trait?

Who wants to keep putting up with someone who constantly promises things they won’t do??

Still don’t get me?

Let me give you an example, that you as a Man can understand… 

*Saying you’ll do something, & don’t do it. Is just like your lady calling you up and saying:

“Hey babe, I’m making fried chicken, greens, macaroni & cheese with candied yams & cornbread. I would love if you stopped by & had dinner with me tonight!”

Hours after you’ve confirmed this date with her and you’re excited! Your mouth is ready & set on that particular meal, (you even skipped breakfast & lunch just to eat at her place for dinner!) & as you’re headed to her house, she then calls back & says,”Sorry babe, I forgot to text u back earlier, I’m eating cereal instead. Let’s just cancel the date, I don’t feel like cooking anymore.”

Now…I’m sure, ANY man would be upset!

*(And you would have the right to be angry, because this woman told you she would do something & then changed her mind at the last-minute.)

That example👆🏽gentlemen, is similar to how a woman feels when a man keeps lying to her.

One thing godly women judge men on; is their word. & how much they’ve kept it.(& we judge, without you even knowing it)

If you say, “Baby, I’ll be there at 7 on Friday to pick you up.” or “Yeah, I’ll come and hear you speak at your church on Sunday.” then turn around a few days later & say “Something came up.” You’re quickly escorted from the (possibly) zone to the (never) zone. *At least in my book you are.

⭐️Note: Real women value their time & will not make excuses for liars.

Either do what you say or don’t say anything at all…

  • NUMBER 3: Don’t Go DEEP BLUE SEA on ME!!

Some men… just like women, can do…

Too... Much

Just a few weeks ago, there was this brother that sent me a long message in my DM’s saying:

 “God is telling me you could possibly be the one. I had a dream about you last night and then a bird flew by my window and uttered your name. I then decoded what the bird was saying by way of the Spirit and once I found you on Facebook. I recognized you from my dream and I knew you were the one! I love everything about you. From your hair… to your eyes. Your smile. I mean everything! You really are an inspiring woman of God…and I see you’re single but baby I’d change that in a minute to marry you,,…all you have to do is say yes…so what do you say.?

I wanted to say: “WHAT DO I SAY?” I say that you’re crazy! and I’m about to block you! That’s what I say!

However, I was having a good day,

So, I didn’t allow my flesh to pop off… (lol)

I appropriately responded, with a kind notice to decline his offer.

Guys please…don’t do that! Just say “Good morning” or “How are you doing beautiful? Once we’re done scoping you out & hearing from God; (to make sure you’re not a distraction) We’ll respond...

⭐️NOTE: Save all that *spiritually deep stuff for someone who doesn’t have  discernment. To a woman who knows the spirit of God; saying things like that wont make you deep. It’ll make you a creep.

  • NUMBER 4: We are WOMEN. 

No matter how spiritually deep we are, or can be at times!

We are still women.

We like to go out on the town and eat out at restaurants! We also like going to the mall & playing pool,(etc.) *In fact, a few years ago, I beat a man so bad in pool 🎱, that he got angry with me & we never went out again.

He didn’t think Ole church girl could play. (lol)

He was such a sore loser🙄


Fellas, don’t forget that godly women still want to have fun!!

Every time you ask a godly woman out, it shouldn’t be, “Hey, do you want to come with me to Evangelist’s ordination ceremony next weekend?” Or “Prophetess Pound cake throwing that conference for singles next Friday night, you in?” 

Although I’m all for a conference and spending a-lot of time in the sanctuary,

I Do Not want to spend 100% of my time in the walls of a church.

Especially if this is supposed to be a date night.

After a while of constantly asking me to *go to church with you. That will land you a nice comfy spot in the friend zone. (Where there is no chance of parole)

⭐️ NOTE: Guys, if you’re really into this woman of God. Don’t forget that before ALL those titles, she will always be “A woman” first. 

  • NUMBER 5:  Flex those Muscles 💪🏽

Another thing godly women don’t like is a man who’s intimidated by her.

If you have any weakness as far as *taking the lead or letting out the man in you, you will not last long with a woman of God.

Godly women understand “Order“, we know the importance of it and we understand that order is necessary! We need a man who’s not afraid to take the lead.

If you’re confused & don’t know you’re supposed to lead and be the head, how can you lead a woman of God??

*Leading does not mean that you walk around demanding & trying to control everybody with a Jezebel spirit; but leading is a man who’s sure of himself and his identity. He’s a man that if I need wisdom, I can sit & listen to him. He’s someone a woman can trust. He’s a man that will speak positive over my life & pull stuff out of me, I didn’t even know were there. He’s someone who understands that as strong as I am, I am still a woman.” When I have those weak moments; he’ll pray for me, instead of prey* on me. Lastly, he’s a man who will hold my hand & bring me closer to God, not further away.

⭐️NOTE: Every strong woman, needs a strong man.

If you’re not prepared to be that pair of arms she can run to (after Jesus) Or, if you still want to play games & finish *living your life.

Ask yourself…Why do you even want to pursue her in the 1st place??

If you’re unsure about her or anything regarding her. Do not enter into her life *so you can try to run a trial test on her. Leave this godly woman alone! Do not waste her time. That’s time she could be spending with Jesus and/or with a man who’ll truly see her worth & appreciate her.

Fellas, I know this may have been a little tough, nevertheless I hope you enjoyed the blog!

If you haven’t read my last blog yet, here’s the link : 🎶Celibacy Blues🎶

Feel free to share this Blog on Facebook if it helped you! & comment in the comment section below & let me know what you thought about it!

Until next time my loves!


🌸Takyah Love🌸 


  1. I am in awe Takaya you describe me perfectly as a woman of God we have the heart of God so therefore we hear listen and obey God he gives us permission to date and definitely get married I am so proud of this Blog it was definitely God’s Heart Given To God Be The Glory !!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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