Getting Back Into The Dating Game! (Part 1)

One of the most exciting things about dating is getting to know someone new! 
We have so many questions…

  • What should I do? 
  • How do I talk to them?
  • When should this relationship go to the next level? 
  • Whats their favorite color?
  • How do I know if they’re sincere? 
  • How do I ask them out?  
  • What foods do they like?

And the biggest question of all…

 Is this the One?

Although, I cannot answer all of those questions for you. I do believe that the advice I am about to share with you can help aid you in the dating process and make things just a little bit easier!  
                       Let’s get started

                    👠Ladies and GENTS👔

          1. Write your list…and use it! 

    Every single. Male and Female should have a list! Now what’s on that list depends on you. What are some of your deal breakers? What will you tolerate in a relationshipWhat traits would you like to see in the other person? Whatever you want in a future spouse write it down and make it plainI’m telling you if I could give advice to anyone who is dating or thinking about dating this would be numero uno!
    The reason being is, your list helps you to see who’s more suitable for you and who’s not. Let me show you an example: 

        Do not play around with this singles!  
    Make this list as personal and real as it can possibly be! If you’re tallying up the points and you see your new friend has 5 yes’ and 23 no’s I think it would be wise to stop dating them and move on…
                        And another thing!
    Please, do not go sharing everything on your list with the person you’re dating! Although you must ask questions to get to know a person. Use wisdom! I mean, can you imagine? 

    You tell this guy/girl you love fried chicken and waffles and they say,

    “Wow! We have so much in common. That’s my favorite meal too!” 

    Then a month later you find out that they’re allergic to both…

    Now I know that’s a silly example but I’m serious! The one thing you don’t want is someone who’s pretending to be all of those things just to get you (for whatever reason).
             You deserve the real thing. Okay

    So, try to keep most of your list between you and God. 


     2. Plan your Dates from beginning to end.

    Spontaneous dates can be some of the best dates! 

                     Yes! I would have to agree.  

    I don’t know what it is, but it is something exciting to have a man call you and tell you to  “Get ready.” & neither of you have a clue as to where the two of you are going.


         (You know I always have a however) 😬

    However, when every date is spontaneous and nothing is planned; it leaves G_A_P_S and room for a lot of unplanned things to happen. And  b_e_l_i_e_v_e  me…the enemy knows how to lead you into temptation; and he doesn’t mind helping you fill ALL those empty gaps you haven’t filled yourself.

    So fellas‘ since I believe that women should be pursued and not pursuing. How’s about taking the lead for a change and plan the dates. Stop all the,”I don’t know….what do you wanna do?🤓 Stuff. Not only is that unwise but it’s kind of annoying. So the next time you ask her out, have the day/evening planned. 

    Even if it’s just the spot where the two of you first met, or this restaurant she’s been talking about for weeks!
    It really doesn’t matter. Just the fact that you took the time out to do anything for her will speak volumes… 

    ⭐️Note for the Gents: If something happens that throws your date off or makes things go slightly different. That’s okay. At least planning ahead gives you some kind of idea of how you want the evening to go.

    ⭐️Note for the Ladies: Pay attention! If every time this man asks you out, its always at the last minute. Sweetheart, that is not him being spontaneous! That’s him giving you the scraps from his leftover day. Do not allow a man to call you up at 9 at night & ask you “Can He roll through?” Men usually put on their best behavior for a woman they really like, so if he’s doing this to you at the very beginning….

    Chile’….He could care less about you… 

    Back to the drawing board we go!!! 🚀


                              👠 Ladies 👠

        3.  Guard your Heart & Take things Slow.

    The reason why I am giving this to my ladies and not my men. Is this; 

    Men are wired completely different from us.

    While you’re planning a wedding and picking out baby names, he’s probably thinking 💭 “Yeah she was pretty cool, I guess I’ll go out with her again.” 

    Ladies… please remember to take things slow. Dont try to lead him. Let him, lead you. 
    One of the most embarrassing things is to go around boasting in something that isn’t even established yet!…
    You’ve went out on a few good dates, and all of sudden, you’re smiling ‘wider than Cheshire the cat’ & walking around here praise dancing💃🏽proclaiming: 

    God den’ sent me my Boaz!” 

    Only to see him walking down the aisle 6 months later marrying some other Ruth.  
    Now embarrassingly, you have to call all those same girl friends you’ve boasted to and have an ice-cream pity party. 🍨🙍🏽🙍🏻🙍🏿🍨

                   Wump! Wump! Wump……

    Let me help you sis and give you some of this word! 
    Two things the book of Proverbs tells us to do is number 1 : Guard our hearts. 

    • ⭐️Proverbs 4:23Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

    number 2: Take our time.

    • ⭐️Proverbs 29:20There is more hope for a fool than for someone who speaks without thinking.

    Don’t be so hasty and quick to tell your family & friends every single thing that goes on in your love life. 
    Not only can being discreet save you from a heap of embarrassment; it can also save you from countless of interrogating questions from your family members. Just in case…this guy doesn’t turn out to be what you thought.
    Besides…what’s the rush anyway?? 

    God’s got you girl

    Well, there you have it Ladies👠& GENTS👔!
    Part one to my blog; “Getting Back Into the Dating Game!”

    I pray you all got something from it!  
    Since this is my first time including the fellas; let me know how I did okay!? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or inbox me with your comments

    Till next time!!! Bye my Loves! 😘 

    💕Takyah Love💕


      1. I feel as if this one was definitely a winner it describe how we as women feel react and respond to things men do as well as men response to women I Loved it Best one yet

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