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Single, saved, and striving for holiness… Takyah Love is not just another married woman who insists you “Stay strong and stay celibate!” while she returns home to a hunky husband waiting in bed with muscled thighs and a toned chest. Like you, Takyah is a single Christian woman striving to save herself and dedicate her body to God. But Takyah isn’t perfect. Like so many, Takyah grew up without a father figure, looked for love in all the wrong places, and eventually lost her virginity before marriage. Because she had little self-respect and based her own worth on what some man thought of her, she soon ended up in an toxic relationship with someone who cheated, disrespected her, and took advantage of her mind, body, and soul. But Takyah turned around her life, and so can you. After calling off her engagement, she was left exhausted and alone. Mercifully, God was there for her, and she humbly accepted His will, beginning her purity journey at last.
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